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Tag: Podcast

Profitable Python Episode: Put Your Family First

August 26, 2019 by Mike
I was a guest on the Profitable Python podcast this week. You can check it out here: During the interview, I was asked how I would like to have Python runnable in the browser and I couldn't recall the name of a product that makes this sort of thing possible. The product I was thinking […]

My (abridged) Career in Python - Podcast.__init__ Interview

July 10, 2018 by Mike
I was recently interviewed by Tobias Macey (@TobiasMacey) on Podcast.__init__ (@Podcast__init__) about some of the things I have done in my career as a Python programmer. You can listen in here: And if you missed it earlier this year, I was also on the Talk Python to Me podcast talking about the history of Python, […]
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