Daily Archives: January 21, 2011

PyCon 2011: Why You Should Go!

PyCon comes but once a year and whether you’re a new Python Programmer or you’ve been a core developer for the last 20 years, I think you should check PyCon out. Take some time to load up on some PyCon info so you can give your employers the low down about why they should pay you to go or why you should invest your hard earned greenbacks in a conference that only covers one programming language! Continue reading PyCon 2011: Why You Should Go!

Weekly Python News: 01/21/2011

This week, I didn’t have as much time to work on this as I would have liked. Ah well, hopefully you won’t find the quality of the news to be any less. It just so happens that PyCon 2011 had a couple of items this week and they were both good news. Be sure to check those out. Also, Python won another award,

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