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I recently received a copy of Kivy: Interactive Applications in Python by Roberto Ulloa. This is currently the only book about Kivy. Kivy is a cross-platform GUI toolkit that will run on Linux, Windows, and OS X as well as Android and iOS. In fact, the people behind Kivy emphasize that this is aimed primarily at mobile programming. Kivy supports multitouch and has a very active group of programmers. You can read more about Kivy on their project’s home page. I will be reviewing the PDF version of the book.

Here’s my quick review for those of you without a lot of time:

Quick Review

  • Why I picked it up: I received this book as payment for helping with the reviewing of another Packt book, but I would have bought it myself because I am interested in learning Python for Android/iOS and I like learning about Python GUI toolkits.
  • Why I finished it: The book is short and I was optimistic that it would get better.
  • I’d give it to: Someone who already knows Python and the basics of Kivy, although I don’t think I would recommend it.


This week I saw a question on StackOverflow about putting two grids into a SplitterWindow which itself was in a Notebook page. Personally I think that’s a little convoluted, but I thought it was an interesting challenge and I came up with a solution. Then the fellow wanted to know how to sync the scrolling of the two grids. Well, I found an answer and modified my code and decided it was worth writing an article about. (more…)