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The other day someone was asking a lot of questions on StackOverflow about how to work with wizards in wxPython. You can read the two original questions here and here. The code we’ll be looking at in this example is what I used to answer the questions on Stack. The primary question was how to disable the Next in a wxPython wizard. (more…)

This is an update on the Kickstarter campaign I am running in support of my Python 101 book:

We made it halfway through the campaign and I think we’re going to reach our first stretch goal! Speaking of stretch goals, I was thinking I should go ahead and announce a couple more.

Stretch Goal #2: 1500 backers

If we can reach 1500 backers, then I’m going to create some companion screencasts to go with the book. These screencasts wouldn’t be done in time to launch with the book and probably won’t cover every single chapter, so I would just release them during the summer and fill in the blanks according to the feedback I receive. Also I plan to release the screencasts for anyone, probably by publishing them on Youtube.

On the topic of licensing

I mentioned in my last update that I was thinking about doing a website version of the book and attaching a Creative Commons license to it. I didn’t get a lot of feedback from that, but of the few that did respond, there seems to be more who think I should give the book away for free. By turning the book into a website, I suspect that the number of people who will purchase the book will drop significantly. So we’ll make this into a special two-fold stretch goal:

Stretch Goal #3 – $25,000 or 2500 backers

If we reach $25k in funding or 2500 backers, then I’ll release the book as a website, but with a copyright. If we get significantly higher than that, then I will consider releasing the website contents under Creative Commons instead.

In the mean time, I ask you to tell your friends, classmates and colleagues about this Kickstarter. The more we spread the word, the more likely we are to reach the stretch goals!

P.S. I am finishing up the last half of the last chapter of Part II. Hopefully Part II will be completely roughed out by the end of day or early tomorrow.