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Many programming languages have the concept of the lambda function. In Python, the lambda is an anonymous function or unbound function. The syntax for them looks a bit odd, but it’s actually just taking a simple function and turning it into a one-liner. Let’s look at a regular simple function to start off:

def doubler(x):
    return x*2

All this function does is take an integer and double it. Technically, it will also double other things too since there’s no type checking but that is its intent Now let’s turn it into a lambda function!


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The screencasts are based off my book, Python 101. Each screencast is based on a chapter from the book. The first 11 videos are available free of charge so you can try-before-you-buy! You can check them out on Youtube here.

I meant to post this earlier, but I’ve been experiencing some issues with my laptop. Anyway, here’s the last free video from my Python 101 Screencast series. In this episode, you will learn the basics of using classes in Python 3. I hope you enjoy it!

I recently completed Episode #10 of the Python 101 Screencast. It’s about the basics of functions. I hope you like it!

Check out my latest episode of Python 101. This one is talks about how imports work in Python. You will learn about the following aspects of importing:

  • import
  • from module import submodule
  • from module import *


Check out my latest video from the Python 101 Screencast. In this episode we learn how to use Python’s file handling capabilities. You will learn how to read, write and append to a file.

I recently recorded the next episode of Python 101. This one is on Exception Handling. I hope you like it:

I finished up another Episode of Python 101. This one is about Python’s comprehension constructs. In this video, I cover list, dict and set comprehensions. I hope you enjoy it:

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I recorded the next episode of my Python 101 screencast today. You can support my crowdfunding campaign here.

The video is about Python’s looping structures. You will also learn how to use the else construct with a loop. Here’s the video: