June Pyowa 2010 Wrap-up

We had our June Pyowa meeting last night in Ames, IA. There were NINE people in attendance, which is pretty big for our group. I think we’ve only managed that number of people on only one other occasion. Thanks goes out to everyone who spread the word and invited their friends.

At the meeting, I demoed a wxPython music player that I’ve been working on for around a month. It uses the cross-platform mplayer as its backend and wxPython for the front. Right now it allows the user to load a folder of mp3s into a custom list control (technically an ObjectListView widget instance) and play them one-by-one by either pressing the play button after selecting a track or by double-clicking a track. The player also displays cover art (if available), has a volume control and a playback slider.

Before I even started that demo though, I was asked about creating executables using py2exe, so I did an impromptu presentation on that subject using GUI2Exe. I rediscovered py2exe’s dislike of egg files when I tried to build the exe, so I had to unzip those so it could find the modules it needed for the project. Once that was done, the program compiled nicely.

Next time, we’ll be meeting in West Des Moines at the IMT Group building. Pizza and pop will be provided, so come hungry! The talks will be about Django, TurboGears and (maybe) SWIG. That will be happening on the 1st of July. I hope you can make it!

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  1. They had their June Pyowa meeting in Ames, IA.And there were NINE people in attendance, which is pretty big for our group.Thanks for sharing this to us G-d bless 😉

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