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When I originally started this blog, it was mostly a brain dump on my part so I wouldn’t forget how I did something cool with Python. Later on, I decided to use it to also document what I considered under-documented portions of wxPython. If my posts drew enough interest, I would also re-work the post into a wiki page on the wxPython wiki.

Thus, if you ever have trouble finding documentation on some part of wxPython, you can drop me a line and I might write something up. But before you do that, be sure to check out the following resources first:

Here’s a couple of handy utilities that can help you figure out stuff about your application, like what styles and events a widget has or in the case of the Widget Inspection Tool, it can help you figure out why your layout is screwed up:

Hopefully these links will help you out on your wxPython learning experience. Don’t forget that wxPython has a great mailing list and a pretty nice IRC channel on freenode.

1 thought on “wxPython Documentation”

  1. One of the things that really annoy me about wxPython is how the documentation is spread far and wide around the internet.

    The official wxPython documentation is lacking on many things. One source which I use often which you didn’t mention is the wxWidgets docs. (For example I’d google `TextCtrl wxWidgets` to get to the appropriate page on the wxWidgets documentation.)

    There’s a lot of helpful information in the wxWidgets docs and it’s a shame it’s not in the wxPython docs as well. As I said, this is the problem: The documentation for wxPython is spread between too many sources.

    So I would really want to see a more central repository for wxPython docs. And organized too: On the wxPython Wiki it’s too hard to find things.

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