PyCon 2011: Saturday Morning Lightning Talks

On Saturday, March 12th, kicked off with Lightning Talks at 8:30 in the morning! Alfredo Deza started the session with a talk on chapa.vim. Next up was Dean Hall talking about Python on a Chip. He mentioned the PyMite project and a port of Python to DryOS which allows Python to run on Canon DSLR cameras.

Ned Batchelder talked about Slippy for Slides and how he wanted something similar in Python (I think). He realized he had written something called Cog that could do what he wanted and spent the rest of his time talking about that.

After Ned, there was a talk from this guy who was funded by the PSF to write documentation. He re-wrote the dev guide for Python, the Python 3 porting HOWTO, and set up the website

Lastly there was a talk about with Baiju Muthukadan from India. If I understood correctly, the site is for giving feedback for Python 3 packages.

You can watch the talks here.