PyCon 2011: TiP BoF

The venerated TiP BoF (Testing in Python “Birds of a Feather”) meeting was held Saturday (3/12/2011) night around 7 p.m. Disney provided free pizza and salads. Someone else (I think) provided some pop. The room was packed with standing room only in the back. While people were eating, Terry Peppers of Leapfrog led the meeting. He told us how the TiP BoF worked and then had one of his employees show us how to do weird hand/arm stretches. If I remember correctly, his name was Feihung Hsu.

After that, the testing-related lightning talks started. The lightning talks are really the main draw of this event, although in years past the alcohol induced many to come. This year, the hotel cracked down on that and there was hardly any liquor to be seen, which was alright by me. I only stayed for two hours, so I’ll just give a run-down of what I saw and heard:

  • There were lots of masturbation and other crude jokes even before we ate anything and they continued through most of the time I was there
  • Peppers started the talks off with one called Snakes on a domain which was about a nagios plugin called NagAconda
  • Next, Disney awarded Jesse Noller with a Disney beer stein that was themed after their animated movie, “Tangled”.
  • Alfredo Deza gave a talk a DSL-testing framework called Konira
  • Following that was a talk on Cram – a mercurial test suite for command line testing. I missed who gave that one. I think it’s this one:
  • Then there was a talk on Lab Coat. They had the speaker wear a lab coat too. I don’t remember who did this one (maybe the author?) or what this project even does…
  • Roman Lisagor gave a talk on Freshen, a clone of Ruby’s Cucumber project. It’s a plugin for nose and supposed to be similar to the lettuce project.
  • Kumar McMillan gave a talk entitled Fudging it with Mock Objects. Yes, it’s another mock library, but this one is based on some project called Mocha (and I think he said he used stuff from Michael Foord’s mock library as well). You can check it out here:
  • The next talk was Scientific Testing in Python. My notes are bad on this one, but I think it was related to the Bright project (correct me if I’m wrong). The speaker also mentioned something called, but as far as I can tell, that doesn’t really exist.
  • Feihung Hsu made another appearance by giving a talk himself. It has this long title: How My comic Book obsession birthed a new functional tool. Basically it was web-scraping project for downloading Japanese manga that had been translated into Chinese using Python. He forked spynner, made it “dumber” and called his fork “Punky Browster”. I don’t think this project is available yet.

To sign up to give lightning talks, they used a convore thread. The front row was made up of hecklers that would heckle the speakers. They seemed to favor strong swearing for the heckling. It could be pretty funny and very crude. I learned about a lot of new projects I had never heard of though. It’s definitely something that I think is worth checking out at least once.

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  1. Mike thanks for the writeup!

    This is who presented what …

    Feihong Hsu – Stretching
    Terry Peppers – Opening Remarks
    Terry Peppers – Nagaconda
    Alfredo Deza – Konira: A Testing Framework DSL
    Augie Fackler – Mecurial’s Unified Test Suite
    Marty Alchin – Lab Coat Test Framework … Thingy
    Roman Lisagor – Freshen Your Code
    Kumar McMillan – Fudging It With Mock Objects
    Anthony Scopatz – Scientific Testing in Python, A Hell Of A Workflow!
    Feihong Hsu – How My Comic Book Obsession Birthed a New Functional Testing Tool
    Michael Foord – Shiny New Stuff in Mock 0.7.0
    Alex Gaynor – Writing 5 Lines of Codes, 16 Tests And Speeding Stuff Up
    Jason Huggins – How to Test Canvas Based Web Applications
    Gary Bernhardt – Isolating Isn’t Magic
    Armin Ronacher — Modern Approach to Monitoring
    Brett Cannon – How to Pronounce PyPi: The Python Package Index
    Mike Pirnat – Mock: It’s Not Just For Testing Any More
    Brett Cannon – Why You Don’t Want to Get a Ph.D. in Comp Sci
    Steve Holden – Ask the Chairman of the PSF
    Jesse Noller – Ask a Board Member of the PSF
    Tavvi Burns – Keeping Your Expected Files in Sync
    Gary Bernhardt – Python Mock Library Comparison
    Doug Napoleone – In Defense of Golden File Testing

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