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Last night, Andrea Gavana released his new Namespace Diff Tool (NDT) to the world. I got his permission to reprint his announcement here for all those people who don’t follow the wxPython mailing list. I think it sounds like a really cool tool. You should check it out and see what you think. Here is the announcement:


The `Namespace Diff Tool` (NDT) is a graphical user interface that can
be used to discover differences between different versions of a library,
or even between different iterations/sub-versions of the same library.

The tool can be used to identify what is missing and still needs to be
implemented, or what is new in a new release, which items do not have
docstrings and so on.

Full description of the original idea by Robin Dunn:


:warning: As most of the widgets in the GUI are owner drawn or custom,
it is highly probable that the interface itself will look messy on other
platforms (Mac, I am talking to you). Please do try and create a patch to
fix any possible issue in this sense.

:note: Please refer to the TODOs section for a list of things that still
to be implemented.


In order to run NDT, these packages need to be installed:

– Python 2.X (where 5 <= X <= 7); - wxPython >= 2.8.10;
– SQLAlchemy >= 0.6.4.

More detailed instructions on how to use it, TODO items, list of
libraries/packages I tested NDT against, screenshots and download links can
be found here:


If you stumble upon a bug (which is highly probable), please do let me
know. But most importantly, please do try and make an effort to create a
patch for the bug.

According to the thread, some bugs were already found and fixed.

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  1. Hi Jean-Paul,

    thank you for the bug report, I believe I have fixed it in the latest update on my web page. However, I don’t have Ubuntu nor any virtual machine installed on my PC so I welcome any report of bugs/misbehaviours you may find.


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