Python Books for Sale

I got a new job recently which requires me to move across several states, so I have decided to sell a few of the Python programming books I’ve bought the last few years. For some reason, eBay’s search is broken at the time of this writing, so I’ll just list what I’m selling here with direct links to the pages. If you’re in the market for some new or gently used Python books, then this is a good time to buy. I’m starting all the book auctions at 99 cents.

I’m also going to be selling some other stuff on there, like an Android tablet, a car stereo receiver and probably some of my DVD collection. This link is supposed to list everything I’m selling, but so far I can only get it to list two items.

4 thoughts on “Python Books for Sale”

  1. Hey, just wondering whether you will ship the book internationally? Thanks for your reply.

  2. And you should let folks on #wxpython know you’re still alive and where you’ve landed.  People are starting to get worried.  🙂

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