PyCon 2012 Videos Are Up!

The PyCon USA talk videos are finally starting to come online. You can check them out here: I’m wondering why they chose this over the miro site that they’ve been using for the last few years. Maybe someone in the know can comment on that.

I noticed the streams I linked to seemed to be pretty hit or miss, so hopefully this will work better for those of you who missed out on PyCon like I did. Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “PyCon 2012 Videos Are Up!”

  1. Here is the explanation for the change of sites.

  2. My guess is that that is one of the tutorials where the speaker didn’t want it recorded. They make their money doing these lessons, so they don’t want to just release them free.

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  4. Jeetendra Kulkarni

    Pycon India 2011 videos were awesome and informative.

    Keynote Speaker :

    Great Job by kPoint team :

  5. Pycon India 2011 Selected videos including Key note speaker Raymond H
    Link :
    kPoint Team thanks a lot for making them available for live broadcast and viewing (

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