wxPython for Python 3 is Almost Here!!!

Robin Dunn, creator and mastermind behind wxPython, announced today on his blog and the wxPython-dev mailing list that he had gotten wxPython 2.9 (Phoenix) to build successfully for Python 3.2 on Mac. In fact, he posted a Quicktime video that shows the build and the tests running in Python 3! According to wxPython-dev, once they have some Python 3 buildbot slaves set up, then snapshot builds can be made and posted here.

I’m pretty excited! Now if only the Python Imaging Library would convert too…

9 thoughts on “wxPython for Python 3 is Almost Here!!!”

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  2. Well considering he already has it compiling, I would think in a few months. The Phoenix project isn’t complete, but a lot of progress has been made.

  3. Yeah, I know. I need to write up something about that new package. Thanks for mentioning that though.

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