Real Python for Web Development Book on Kickstarter

Last week I was contacted about a cool sounding book project on Kickstarter: Real Python for Web Development, featuring web2py by Michael Herman. I have to admit that I’m not familiar with Mr. Herman or the person who originally contacted me about the book, but since I enjoy reading Python books and this one sounded interesting, I thought I’d let my readers know about it too. You can support the project yourself if you want. He’s recently added some tutorials for Flask to the book, so you can learn a little about two Python web frameworks!

3 thoughts on “Real Python for Web Development Book on Kickstarter”

  1. Yeah. You can get something up and running in TurboGears in 20 minutes and you can do something similar in Django as well.

  2. Python 2.7 itself has 143 built-in “globals” (including useful functions, constants, types and exceptions), surely that is not real python because you don’t import them… 🙂

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