Python 101 Book Campaign is Finished!

The Python 101 book campaign finished today. I am now well funded to create the book and get all the artwork done. I think I may try to get additional illustrations too. While we didn’t hit the next stretch goal, I plan to go ahead and work on screencasts anyway. As I mentioned previously, I most likely won’t start on those until after I’ve finished writing the book. I have received lots of positive comments about the book so far and I hope to put out a product that you will find useful.

I will be sending out Part I as soon as I can after Kickstarter transfers the funds. You will receive a survey asking for your email address. I will probably be sending a survey out to those who bought t-shirts and such too.

Thanks a lot for all your support. I am very grateful.

3 thoughts on “Python 101 Book Campaign is Finished!”

  1. Congratulations on hitting 6x your original goal! I can’t wait for the book, as I am presently starting to transition toi python from Matlab.

  2. Congratulations, Mike! Looking forward to seeing the book progress. I am especially interested in your chapters on using and writing packages.

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