Python One of Eight Languages to Have on Resume in 2016

I recently came across a post by BusinessInsider that claimed that Python was one of the top eight languages to have on your resume in 2016. Python comes in at 6th place. However, the article cites an article on CodingDojo as its source of information, which was talking about “The 8 Most In-Demand Programming Languages of 2015”. If you look at both articles, you’ll see that BusinessInsider basically just rewrote CodingDojo’s article and then redirected its readers to various Udemy courses, which is an affiliate of theirs.

I also want to point out that BusinessInsider calls Python “a scripting language like JavaScript”, which is not at all how CodingDojo described it. Python is way more than a scripting language. I’ve been using Python for almost 10 years and most of my work with Python during that time was not scripting.

Regardless, I thought you, dear reader, might find the whole thing interesting. Personally I think you should take Python for spin if you haven’t already, but I’m pretty biased.

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