Python 101 is FREE for 48 hours!

Today I am releasing my first book, Python 101, for free for 48 hours. Python 101 was written as an introduction to the Python programming language. While it is intended for beginners, some have claimed that they needed more hand-holding than this book provided for them. So I currently recommend it as an introductory and intermediate book for developers that are looking to learn Python.

When I originally wrote the book, I noticed that there were few or no books available that described how to create executables of your code or distribute your code via Python’s Package Index (PyPI). Python 101 covers these topics as well as introducing the reader to Python’s standard library, how to install 3rd party packages and an introduction to some of the most popular 3rd party packages for Python, such as SQLAlchemy, requests and virtualenv.

Python 101 has 5 sections, 44 chapters and 295 pages.

You can get Python 101 for free on Leanpub using the following link:

If you happen to have a Gumroad account, then you’ll be able to get the book free there as well by using the following offer code: 48hours

You will get the PDF, epub and mobi versions of the book. You can see a full table of contents on the Leanpub site

If you like my first book, you can get its sequel, Python 201: Intermediate Python for 50% off here:

9 thoughts on “Python 101 is FREE for 48 hours!”

  1. Just bought both books yesterday via leanpub. But after the first chapters in Python 101 I feel good with it.
    Even after reading just this next day about your special offer on both.

    Greetings from Germany, Markus

  2. I was pretty excited about this. Filled out the form and started the PDF download, but it was extremely slow.. and stalling.
    The next day I looked at the download and it had stalled. I tried to resume it but the site said I didn’t have permission to download, and the offer had expired. So just like so many free offers on the internet, it seems this one was a bluff too. They did get me to fill out the form though, which I’m sure was the whole point.

  3. I don’t know what happened, but I gave this book away to over 24,000 people. I would be happy to help you get it too. Please send me a message via my contact form and I will get you a new link so you can get the book too.

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