Talk Python Podcast and Twitter Q&A

Last week I was honored to be a part of the Talk Python to Me Podcast. During the podcast, we talked about the history of Python as well as its future. We also talked about the books I have written and how I used Kickstarter to connect with my readers. We spent some time going over my latest book, Python Interviews and some of the people I interviewed for the book. We also spoke a little about my upcoming book, ReportLab: PDF Processing in Python, which is going to be released in June 2018.

You can listen to the Podcast here:

This week, I will be doing Twitter Q&A on Wednesday, March 28th at 1 p.m. CST | 7pm BST | 11am PDT with Steve Holden and Alex Martelli in support of the Python Interviews book.. Just tweet your questions with the hashtag #PythonInterviewsQA @packtpub!

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