Product Review: Python Flash Cards

No Starch Press is best known for creating books on computer programming. However they recently released a new product called Python Flash Cards by Eric Matthes, the author of Python Crash Course. I thought this was a unique product and decided to ask for a review copy.

The cards and their box are high quality. I like the card stock they used quite a bit. The cards themselves target Python 3.7.

Each card is marked with a color along their top that matches their category:

The cards are also numbered. This is useful for the times where the cards make reference to other cards in their section or other sections entirely. It makes referring to different cards nice and straight-forward.

Of course, flash cards are by their very nature, short and to the point. So the testing and packaging sections of cards feel too brief to me. On the other hand, they are flash cards, so the medium doesn’t allow them to be fleshed out the way I would want them to be. If you need more details, Google is never far away.

While I am certainly not the target market for these cards, I think they will work well for high school students and possibly even freshmen in college that want to learn. They are certainly useful for refreshing yourself on the basics of Python. If you have students, this set may prove quite useful for them.

Python Flash Cards

by Eric Matthes

Amazon, No Starch

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