Countdown to Christmas Sale + Giveaway

Christmas time is a time of giving, at least in my family. I write a lot of Python books and recently started Teach Me Python where I plan to start hosting video courses on the Python programming language in addition to the text-based courses that are currently on the website.

Over the next nine days, I am going to be giving away over one thousand eBooks!

To get things started, Python 101 – 2nd Edition will be free starting today and ending on Christmas Day. You can get the eBook free on Leanpub or Gumroad by using the following links:

The other books will be given away in batches of 50 eBooks at different times of the day on Twitter. For example, I will be giving away Python 201 – Intermediate Python twice tomorrow (December 17th) by releasing a special link that is good for up to 50 copies of the book each time. But you’ll have to follow me on Twitter to get the deal.

If you miss out on all the giveaways on Twitter, you can take $10 off ANY book on Gumroad using the following coupon code: