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Book Preview: Building Machine Learning Systems with Python


Earlier this year, Packt Publishing asked me to be a technical reviewer of one of their upcoming books, “Building Machine Learning Systems with Python” by Willi Richert and Luis Pedro Coelho. Now the book is available for purchase and they have asked me to write a little about it. I haven’t read through the finished product myself, so I don’t know if the authors followed any of my advice, but I should note that English appeared to be their second language, so the book will likely be a little rough.

However, the content is interesting and I thought it was fairly comprehensive. They appeared to know what they were talking about. A lot of this book is over my head as I am not a scientist or engineer in the topic that this book covers. Basically, this book is about data mining using scikit-learn, mahotas and jug. You will learn about such heady topics as computer vision, basket analysis, how to classify data, etc.

You can check the book out on Packt’s website or on Amazon.

UPDATE (2013-08-22) – One of the authors commented on this post to let me know that they’ve cleaned up the text.

Book Preview: Python Graphics Cookbook

This week, I finished editing another book for Packt Publishing. The book’s name is Python Graphics Cookbook by Mike Ohlson de Fine (I think). You may wonder why I don’t know if de Fine is the author. Well, Packt thinks that its Technical Editors shouldn’t know that information. In fact, Packt is so cagey (and stupid) that they’ll give us forms to fill out asking us for the ISBN of the book we’re reviewing, but refuse to give us the ISBN.

Let it be known that Technical Reviewers for Packt Publishing are paid absolutely nothing. The only remuneration we get is a copy of the book we review, plus another book of our choice and our name/bio appears in the book we reviewed. That’s it. If Packt approaches you, let this be a warning to you.

Now, it’s not all bad. You get to read a book before almost everyone else AND you even get to help shape the book! That’s really cool! However, if you don’t read quickly, then this job is not for you. You usually only get 3 or 4 days to review a chapter. But enough of my whining, let’s get on with the Preview! Continue reading Book Preview: Python Graphics Cookbook

Book Preview: Python 3 Object Oriented Programming

In late December, I was approached by Packt Publishing to write a book on wxPython. I turned them down because the editor’s vision for the book and mine did not mesh. Anyway, I did end up accepting the job of being a technical editor for one of their upcoming books: Python 3 Object Oriented Programming by Dusty Phillips. I started doing that in January 2010. The “pay” is a copy of the book plus one other book of my choice from Packt’s catalog. That’s it. I won’t get either book until this one is published, which is supposed to happen in August of this year. This article is a preview of the book. Continue reading Book Preview: Python 3 Object Oriented Programming