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Tag: Tkinter

Tkinter - Redirecting stdout / stderr

July 14, 2014 by Mike
Redirecting stdout seems to be a pretty common request on the wxPython users group, so I decided to see how easy it would be to do it with Tkinter. The typical use case for redirecting stdout or stderr is that you are calling some other process (like ping or tracert) and you want to catch […]

Tkinter: How to Show / Hide a Window

July 26, 2012 by Mike
Today we're going to take a look at Tkinter! I was curious about how one would go about hiding a frame and then re-showing it using Tkinter and I kept finding threads (like this one) that talked about using withdraw() and deiconify() but didn't really provide any usable code. In wxPython, I did this sort […]

eBook Review: Modern Tkinter for Busy Python Developers

May 12, 2012 by Mike
I recently bought Modern Tkinter for Busy Python Developers by Mark Roseman from Amazon and just finished it yesterday. I think it's pretty new, but I can't find the release date for it now. Anyway, let's get on with the review! Quick Review Why I picked it up: I bought this book because I'd been […]
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