eBook Contest: Win a Free Copy of Mastering Object-oriented Python

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Packt Publishing has partnered with my blog to give away 2 copies of their ebook version of Mastering Object-oriented Python by Steven Lott. You can read my full book review here, but frankly, I thought it was one of best advanced Python books I’ve read in a long time. It’s also based around Python 3, although most of the concepts will work with Python 2.

How You Can Win

To win your copy of this book, all you need to do is come up with a comment below highlighting the reason “why you would like to win this book”.

Duration of the contest & selection of winners

The contest is valid for 2 weeks, and is open to everyone. Winners will be selected on the basis of their comment posted. The contest will close on 05/26/2014 at 1 p.m. CST.

46 thoughts on “eBook Contest: Win a Free Copy of Mastering Object-oriented Python”

  1. Sandeep Srinivasa

    hi – I have been waiting for a long time for something like this. Coming from a long C++ background, I carry a lot of OOPS baggage and went straight into pseudo functional programming. I am really keen to understand object oriented programming in a language without private methods 😉

  2. hi, with this book I finally throw into the bin all excuses I used until today to seriously learn all the secrets of OOP.

  3. I have been waiting for a book for advanced Python. I read Python 3: Object oriented programming by Dusty Philips and wanted to learn more in details. I searched online for some advanced books and found books like Pro Python and Expert Python Programming. But those books are not easy to go though and do not present the things in the way I wanted.

    Around two weeks before, I came to know that this book is published through one of the tweets and read the review of it which was fascinating. Then, I downloaded the sample chapter (first chapter __init__()) and I was like “Wow”, this is the book I wanted. This book will surely help me increase my depth of understanding Python. I am really looking forward to read this book.

  4. I really could benefit from this book. I changed job a year ago and work with Python full-time now.
    I’m always looking for ways to enhance my (Python) skills and reading a great Python book is one way. 😉

  5. Ghislain Vaillant

    I work in scientific computing for a research lab where Python is growing in popularity. Most development work is spent in rudimentary scripting in order to produce fast results, with little efforts spent in mastering core aspects of the language such as object-oriented programming. I am hoping that this book would help my fellow research colleagues and I improve our (currently) limitted Python skills.

    I will be happy to share a review of the book in a future blog post to help spread the word.

  6. object orientation would improve my scientific codes: easier to understand, cleaner interfaces. I also think that it would help in parallelization.
    Hence, I would love to win this book and learn object orientation in python.

  7. I work as a Python/Django programmer at a non-profit in Las Vegas. We’re not that large, though, and the “development team” begins and ends with me. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Python guru to turn to when I have an advanced programming question.

    Guides, docs, and tutorials on the web have obviously been a big help when it comes to trying to expand my knowledge, but sometimes you just can’t beat a book. Something to walk you through a concept from A to Z written as a single, cohesive unit.

    I’d love to read “Mastering Object-oriented Python” because while I have a pretty firm grasp of OO basics, I think a book like this would really up my game and allow me to write even better code that makes fuller use of Python’s class infrastructure.

  8. I’m studying Electrical Engineering, but I also am interested in programming, and especially in Python, and I think that this book will help me to develop my programming skills.

  9. sandeep pathak

    Just Started to code in python..and it was the most amazing Experience ….i want to discover the new horizon of python and unleash its real power…and the book can really help me in the mission

  10. manejandodatos

    I like to have this book!!!!! I am programming with Python for a year, and this is the moment where I need to push to a newer level!

  11. Very enthusiast by Python, and most likely the 3, most of the books I read are about the syntax or the module. I see Python as a simple language to provide a beautiful solution to lots of problems.
    The only book I read about more about “how to implement a solution” is “Effective C++” by Scott Meyer, which is a must. I’m still searching a thorough book on this subject in Python 🙂

  12. Stuart the Viking

    I work in a shop that mostly does rapid application development using VBA. Yes, it’s hell (I totally cry daily and am going quite bald from all the hair pulling out).

    I have been (gently) pushing towards using more Python to solve the problems that VBA can’t, or would need an expensive library to solve.

    This book would go a long way towards giving me the skills to wow boss-man-big into wanting to try out Python for himself.


  13. Hi,

    I’m a Dakar based freelance programmer trying to become a better python coder. Spent some hours learning python by building a tiny static web pages generator named dwarf https://pypi.python.org/pypi/Dwarf

    Actually finishing the python koans https://github.com/LeMeteore/python_koans, and also fiding a way to bring PyCON in Africa https://github.com/evildmp/pycons-in-africa

    To grow a strong community here in Africa, especially in Dakar, I should myself be good at writing python, and this book one of the ways to reach the goal.

  14. I am a CS student in St. Louis who has a little bit of Python experience. I just completed my OOP course in Java and would love an easy reference to look at when cross referencing terms between the languages.

  15. I am a researcher in text mining, totally devoted to Python! I am also conducting my little battle for the evangelization of Python in all my institute… this is the right book to add to the library in my office! I would like to receive this book principally because: it is well known that researchers are poor; I want to know more about the place of the picture on the cover… :))

  16. Reasons:
    a) I love all what Steven Lott do
    b) The table of contents looks quite interesting, well ordered and awesome
    c) It’s extensive
    d) It’s Python3
    e) It would help me to improve in my Python and programming skills
    f) It’s in english and it helps me to improve my knowledge of Shakespeare language
    g) Packt is doing a good job

  17. I wish to win this book because searching for good OOP python practices is rather hard and difficult to carry through as only portions are covered. Thus, having this book I would be able to advance better

  18. Learn python magic method, Learn Object-oriented Python programming . Learn how design packages and modules. How using it in practical projects. So I want to pick it up right now.

  19. Because I started following S.Lott’s blog a few years ago after noticing his answers (and comments) on StackOverflow Python questions which are always razor sharp. Also, I live on the tip of Africa where the USD/ZAR exchange rate makes even ebooks a bit pricey for a developer working in academia.

  20. I am an educator, and would like to use its wisdom to do a quality teaching to my students.

  21. David Chisholm

    Having outgrown abeginner’s book on Python, I want to own a definitive text on Python’s internals, particularly “magic methods”.

  22. If I won I would donate the book to the book exchange for the San Diego Python group. People can borrow books from our book exchange during each monthly meetup. We encourage them to return the book after a month and buy it if they like it.

  23. Mike,

    This would be a great book for our tutoring at the DFW Pythoneers. We already teach and present, but getting a quality OO guide would be very beneficial, especially to those new to OO and Python.

  24. Coming from a Java background, I wish to reset my mind to a pythonic style and, from the review, I guess this book could help me to complete this particular task.

  25. I have several projects currently coded with procedural Python, but which would greatly benefit from being rewritten with object-oriented Python. Having written only minimal object-oriented code before, I’m struggling to make the jump and think this book would be invaluable in helping me transition.

  26. Rogério Mauri Moreira

    Because I love this language, after year of C/C++ coding, finally I got the fun of coding again, the only one tha apply the concept of OO everywhere, the way as group statments with identation. Python is very powerfull language with the simplicity and readbility of no other script language.

  27. I’m 77 yrs, old. Physically, I’m not what I used to be. I don’t want that to happen mentally so I bought a R-Pi and am starting to learn Python. Using this to keep the mind sharp. Anything to facilitate the learning process. Also relearning Calculus.

  28. I would like to win this book because when it comes to OOP, I feel like one of those nerdy guys in high school movies who can’t talk normally to their crush and they usually start stuttering and shaking and whatnot, making a complete fool out of themselves in the process …and this book would help me overcome that.

  29. Because it has a chapter about one of the more powerful and unknown feature of Python, the descriptors

  30. I did like to win this book because this the brightest chance for me to get a copy. Am based in a remote part of Africa where access to similar materials is very rare and difficult.

  31. Jose Antonio Hernandez C.

    I’d like to win a copy because I’m starting to learn Python… coming from R (which is mainly object oriented), I think reading this book would be pretty awesome.

  32. Getting back to programming, polishing rusty programming skills, learning a new fanstastic lang

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