Python 101 Book Writing Update


Python 101, the book I am authoring is nearly finished. I had a couple of “proof” copies produced by Lulu to verify things were laying out correctly and to help me find mistakes. Seeing it in print is pretty cool. It also made some oversights pretty obvious, although they’re all cosmetic in nature.

Anyway, right now I am just going through the book and doing some final edits. I also have an appendix to add and I am currently waiting for two more illustrations to be finished. The book is still scheduled to launch in June, 2014. You can actually pre-order the ebook now. I will add a link to the softcover when it’s ready for purchase, probably sometime during the first week of June.

Here’s a fun sneak peak of one of the next pieces of art:


6 thoughts on “Python 101 Book Writing Update”

  1. Mike,

    I got in on the kickstarter campaign for the ebook and recall seeing emails a while back to access the drafts, but I can’t find them now. How do I get a copy of the ebook? Probably if you tell me the name of the third-party service that you used I could search for it in my mailbox and find it.

  2. Thanks Mike. I searched my gmail account and don’t see the original gumroad email with link. I do recall receiving it but I deleted it thinking I would wait until the book was more complete. I haven’t received any emails from gumroad since.

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