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Python 201 Book Writing Update: Part 1 is Ready

I've been busily working on my second book, Python 201: Intermediate Python. In part one of the book, there are 10 chapters. I recently finished up the last chapter for that part of the book. While I have some tweaks I want to do to a couple of the chapters in this part of the book, I'm going to leave them alone for now so I can get part 2 done. Then I'll be going back to part 1 to do some updates. This also allows the early adopters time to read the first chapters and send me messages about typos or bugs.

For those of you who didn't get in on the Kickstarter for the book, the first 10 chapters are as follows:

  • Chapter 1 - The argparse module
  • Chapter 2 - The collections module
  • Chapter 3 - The contextlib module (Context Managers)
  • Chapter 4 - The functools module (Function overloading, caching, etc)
  • Chapter 5 - All about imports
  • Chapter 6 - The importlib module
  • Chapter 7 - Iterators and Generators
  • Chapter 8 - The itertools module
  • Chapter 9 - The re module (An Intro to Regex in Python)
  • Chapter 10 - The typing module (Type Hinting)

There are currently 71 pages in the book so far in my Gumroad edition and over 80 pages in the Leanpub version. Leanpub is generated differently which means they use different fonts and font sizes, which is why that version has more pages.  Regardless, the book is coming along well and is still on track for a September, 2016 release!

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